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About Yoga

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Body, Health and State of Mind

The beauty of Yoga is that it can be adapted to suit the needs of every age, body type, and physical background. All that is needed on your part is an open mind, and a willingness to explore your body. The physical aspect of yoga is known as hatha yoga, and is a process of listening to your body as you practice each posture, using the breath as a guide. With time and patience, eventually the effects of yoga begin to spread to every aspect of your life, giving you a greater sense of well-being.


If you’ve never participated in a yoga class before, taking either a restorative yoga class, or a gentle yoga class can be a great introduction to the practice. The key to improving the quality of life with yoga is to go slowly, and enjoy the process!  Welcome!

Why Abundantly
Elevated Yoga?

Suitable for Beginners

Flexible Schedules

Personal Guidance

Advanced Techniques

Fun indoor and outdoor classes 

Build strength and flexibility

Saturday yoga at the Wordhouse farm- summer of '22

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