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I aim to provide complete inclusivity in my yoga spaces, offering chair-based, pregnancy, and limited movement meditative sessions, my social work courses definitely play a huge part in my spoken word throughout my yoga sessions as well remaining extremely ethical in my practices.

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Meet Erica Calu

Erica is CEO and founder of Abundantly Elevated LLC. She is a Michigan native and Ypsilanti resident for 6 years. She is a college graduate with a BSW from EMU,a  200-hr certified yoga instructor, world traveler, a daughter, aunt, friend and community member.  Erica aspires to empower individually healing through Abundantly Elevated offering yoga, wellness consultations, and holistic apothecary needs for any and all individuals. Integrity, authenticity, and transparency are a few of the core values that build AE into the safe space that it is. Erica challenges you to be the most honest you’ve been with yourself, to lean into the discomfort, to grow through what you go through, with a community of like minded people who are working on themselves too. 

When she’s not teaching a class, Erica enjoys being outdoors (especially the beach), traveling with her friends, visiting her family and experiencing music festivals! She has spent time studying abroad in Belmont, Jamaica as well a few weeks over in South Africa, ESwatini, & Mozambique. Wanting to learn more about Erica, Abundantly Elevated and the community? Check out The Voyager article feature here:


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