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Meet Erica Calu


I aim to provide complete inclusivity in my yoga spaces, offering chair-based, pregnancy, and limited movement meditative sessions, my social work courses definitely play a huge part in my spoken word throughout my yoga sessions as well remaining extremely ethical in my practices.

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As the CEO and founder of Abundantly Elevated LLC, Erica is deeply committed to fostering individual empowerment and holistic healing within her community. With a Bachelor of Social Work from Eastern Michigan University and certification as a 200-hour yoga instructor, she brings a unique blend of expertise to her work.

At Abundantly Elevated, integrity, authenticity, and transparency are prioritized, ensuring that the space serves as a sanctuary for personal growth and self-discovery. Through yoga classes, wellness consultations, and holistic apothecary offerings, the aim is to empower individuals to navigate their journeys with resilience and grace.

Erica challenges each member of the community to embrace honesty and lean into discomfort, recognizing that growth often emerges from the most challenging experiences. Beyond the studio walls, she finds joy in spending time with her family, outdoor adventures, traveling, and music festivals- experiences that enrich her perspective and fuel her passion for continuous expansion.

Having studied abroad in Jamaica and spent time in South Africa, ESwatini, & Mozambique, Erica is continually inspired by the diverse cultures and landscapes that shape the world.

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