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Our Dry Sea Moss Gel Kit (DIY) is the perfect addition to your holistic wellness routine. Made from natural, ethically sourced sea moss from Jamaica, this DIY kit allows you to create your own nutrient-packed sea moss gel in the comfort of your own home. Sea moss is known for its high nutrient and mineral content, making it a powerful addition to your everyday routine. When ingested, sea moss works to strengthen the immune system, aid in healing, and improve overall health. Our sea moss is soaked in alkaline water and stored in glass jars to ensure purity and quality for our customers. Take control of your wellness journey with our Dry Sea Moss Gel Kit (DIY) today.

Dry Sea-Moss Gel Kit (DIY)

SKU: 284215376135191
  • This dry kit includes 2oz of dried seamoss, a 8oz glass jar + lid, instruction guide & labeling stickers to date your gel! 

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